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Originally Posted by nc1mike
I can't than the author enough for the great DIY.
My saga started today Saturday, started the car and the fan went full power but no ses light or codes. Went out and made it about a mile before the car got hot and reduced power. Made it back home and then realized the pump was making noise and the car did indeed get very hot...... Placed an order for the parts through ECS tuning with next day air shipping , still $400 cheaper than the local stealership just for parts... hopefully I'll get the parts by Tuesday

I've been working on cars for 35yr and this was a tough one. I had the hardest time removing the coolant hoses from the thermostat. Working on your back with the car on ramps, not easy.. Total time 2.5hrs just for removal.. probably another 2.5-3.00 hrs to get it back together..
How many miles?