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CA Legal and/or tax experts, any advice for a fellow e90er?

I currently rent a parking garage space in downtown San Francisco. It's a residential space (garaged parking spot under an apartment building.) I've been renting it since Jan. 2010. All of a sudden I got a letter in the mail on Friday (full letter below) from the landlord of the parking garage saying that a new tax has been imposed on parking garages and that the city is charging retroactively back to april of 2011, and so now tenants owe a shit ton of money. I'm wondering is this even possible for them to do? Do I have any grounds to avoid or reduce this in anyway? If you have a second, can you read the letter from the landlord and give me your thoughts? Srs thoughts MUCH appreciated!


Due to our City's chronic spending habit, the Board of Supervisors have launched a campaign to find extra dollars anywhere and everywhere. They are also attempting to force citizens to forgo cars and use MUNI (muni is SF's local bus/transit system), thus increasing everyone's dependence on an inefficient monopoly. This is supposedly part of their "Transit First" policy.

Regrettably for you, this means the imposition of a tax on residential parking spaces in San Francisco.

The legislation requires any garage operator who rents a parking space to collect a 25% tax on the gross parking rent collected. The parking tax is assessed and payable by the tenant of the space or garage, similar to a sales tax, to be collected by the operator.

The City has announced strict enforcement on this tax, not just on large parking garages, but also on small facilities like us.

Under the terms of the program, the City insists on collecting fees from April 2011 onwards, i.e. almost 2 years. They are asking all landlords like us to collect and forward this amount. It will have to be collected in the future as well.

Unfortunately this means we are required to collect a 25% tax on your parking rent going back to April of 2011. Please refer to the amount below for the exact amount you owe and submit payment to The O'Farrell Associates before April 1st, 2013, so we can forward it by the deadline. Your back-due parking tax since April 2011 is $1050.00

In addition, we have adjusted your future monthly parking rent to reflect the newly imposed tax.

Your new parking rent will be $218.75 (Rent was originally $175/mo)

If you feel the way we feel, that this tax is an unfair burden on the everyday citizens of San Francisco, please contact the Mayor Ed Lee 415-554-6141 or, or your local City Supervisor Jane Kim at 415-554-7970 or

Or you can write a letter to them at
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
City Hall, Room 244
San Francisco, Ca. 94102-4689

It is just possible that if enough citizens raise their voice about this, the Board of Supervisors will relent and not add this new burden to hard hit citizens.

1201 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117