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Originally Posted by shakko View Post
What do you think of the sound quality of the 30-pin adapter?

I'm using one of these adapters hooked to a 30pin for hooking up my iPhone 5 to the car's aux port, but I feel theres distortion/static that can be hard at normal to loud volumes.
When used with the BMW Y-cable that connects to both the USB & AUX ports in the center console there should be no distortion. What DOES cause distortion is if you keep the volume on the phone set to MAX. This generally only affects AUX connections to the radio (when AUX is the input source on the radio) since when you're connected to the iPod input source the volume settings on the phone are ignored (I think).

You can also lower the volume of the input source through the menu on the radio.

First try lowering the volume on the phone. I had the distortion problem when connecting the iPhone with a mini-stereo jack cable from the headphone port on the phone to the AUX port in the center console. You must get the volume turned down to at least 75% of max volume on the phone to eliminate it (goes for all stereos, not just the BMW).

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