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Originally Posted by .Lindsay. View Post
Fair warning, my response below is long. I've had this conversation/debate with many of my friends recently because I have a lot of die-hard Audi friends, as well as a few die-hard BMW friends.

For the short version of my response, just read the first paragraph and the last paragraph. If you're bored and have time to kill then read the rest of it

Audi vs. BMW will always be based on personal opinion because they are pretty different cars that both have different positive and negative qualities. I'm an Audi person at heart and came very close to buying an S5 instead of the M3, and we still have an S4 in the garage as well.

For me, if we didn't have the S4 already, I would have never even considered getting the 335 in the first place (and therefore would have never ended up with the M3 either). But since I have the S4 to drive in the winter (with Quattro, obviously) I didn't have a need for an all wheel vehicle so I was purposely looking for a RWD car (Porsche or BMW).

When it came down to buying something in March when I got the 335, it ended up being a situation where I had to buy a car that day, and at the time, the 335 was my only option. If I would have had the time to take my time finding the right car, who knows what I would have ended up with.

With that said, I'm glad I was rushed into buying the 335. I loved everything about it aside from the color, and buying the 335 is the only reason why I even upgraded to the M3 in the first place. I used to be all about looks and luxury (thus I was an Audi person), and didn't care about engine/performance/go fast. My moto was "low and slow". That all changed when I got the 335, and I now have a love for the power.

All said and done when comparing Audi vs BMW, the biggest difference is the power/performance and the interior quality. Audi blows BMW out of the water when it comes to the interior, but BMW wins in the performance column. So on the end, it really comes down to personal preference.
Perfectly stated comparison.

I agree. We have a Q5 and (old and new) X3, and while the X3 is faster, the Q5 is definitely more comfortable to be in for long periods by a landslide. We use it as our winter workhorse / road trip car.

My 3'er is a daily and occasional track car. I can't wait to get an M3 like you did though. I'm sure you have tons of fun with it. BTW make sure you remind your fiance he's a lucky guy, often.