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Originally Posted by smyles View Post
How's it a breach of contract if it's a new tax (if I read it correctly), just assessed retroactively? Do you argue in a store that the marked price is $1.99 but you have to somehow pay $2.xx?

To OP, my advice would be to contact the landlord and offer to split the amount 50/50. Argue that if you were renting just now, they'd have hard time collecting from someone who isn't using the space now but was in 2011, but you also understand that your current rate is below the market (it is, right?), and you appreciate it. Bottom line, it's usually better to avoid conflict.
true, it may not be a breach of contract. However, using your example, it would be like if you went to that store, lets say it's a gas station, and you bought gas there every month, for 2 years. However, they decided for whatever reason not to charge you tax for all those times, then all of a sudden 2 years later you get a letter saying, "hey, you know all that gas you bought in the past 2 years? yeah, umm, we're gonna need to collect tax on it."

I might be ok with the idea of negotiating a split deal with the landlord, although i'd be much not having to pay it of course. I'm trying to figure out the most tactful way to aim for not paying anything, but possibly landing at a 50/50 split.