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Holy Tread Wear Batman! ExtremeContact DW

So I went to throw the summer tires on as the winter season draws to a close and I noticed that the rear tires have hit/exceeded the wear bar. The tires have seen I would GUESS ~8,000 miles.

Im running Continental ExtremeContact DW 235/35(?)/19 front and 265/30(?)/19 rear. I dont think the aspect ratio is relevant otherwise Id go outside again and check.

The fronts are at 5-6/32nds (depending on how generous you want to be with the gauge).

The rears are at 1/32!!

I mean 5-6/32 in one year/8k miles is a lot but with only 1/32 on the rear!! Thats crazy, right?! Is anyone else having any issues with these tires? And no, not one burnout. I drive spirited but I dont think ive ever spun the wheels for the sake of burning rubber.

I have to speak with continental about this but my warranty issue will undoubtedly be complicated due to 1. They're not on the car all year so the milage isn't well documented and 2. I bought a new car last fall (328 to 335 whoop whoop!). But that kind of wear is ridiculous.

Are you guys seeing this kind of wear? Im considering another brand (Michelin PSS anyone?) but hopefully I can get them to last ~20,000 miles.

Ill do the ol' to figure out what to get next but I would like experiences on aggressive tread wear.