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Thanks for the replies.

To address a few points: the tires did wear very evenly, right in the middle. Both in the same spot. My car isn't dropped. Stock sport suspension. No heavy launching, no doughnuts, drifting, crazyness. Aggressive driving ... meh. I mean its my daily driver. Do I enjoy throwing it into and out of turns every once and a while, of course, but my daily commute isn't an autocross adventure. Its worth mentioning Ive had the same Blizzak LM-25's on there for 5 winters now. They're not at the tread bar yet but they'll probably get replaced next season. if I had an unusual setup or driving habits I would have expected it to show on those tires as well. In addition, the run-craps before lasted quite a while (45k miles then I ran over a bolt and that was that).

I'll do some digging to see if the batch I was running was of inferior quality. Just find it strange the fronts and rears wore so disproportionately and early. I think i have the original receipt and that has lot production #s (which I had to submit for a rebate) so I'll do some inquiries with that.

Thanks again for the input.