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Misfire due to low fuel?

My car has been in the stealers twice in as many weeks for rough idle and hesitation under acceleration and occasional misfiring. Being a 320i this lead me to believe it was the coil issue again as it's the same symptoms as the last time it happened (even though it's already had all the coils replaced under the recall).

The first time they had it they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, there weren't any error codes and to take it back and see if the problem still occurs.

Sunday I was driving back from my girlfriend's, just come off the motorway and it starts rattling like a bag of hammers and goes into limp mode, so I arranged to get it seen to today.

They've just called and told me that there was an error code for misfire on cylinder 4 and a code for low fuel, therefore the misfire was caused by the low fuel. This sounds like a bullshit excuse to me. Granted, the low fuel light had just come on just before the misfire, but it's been running poor regardless of the amount of fuel in it for the past few weeks.

Has anyone ever heard of a misfire being caused by low fuel?