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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
Seeing as Kevin is now on the scene I think it's important I elaborate on my points.

To some extent I wish I had thought before I wrote something as harsh as 'they'll never have a penny of my money if I can avoid it etc' as that's not really how I feel. What I do feel is that the cost of the fitted LSD is excessive and genuinely doesn't represent value for me. The labour rate appears extremely high to me vs other companies of a comparable standing.

In short then, I will never pay 3,000 for an LSD, it's too much. That's not a Birds specific statement - it's just my view.

There is one other reason why I made the comments I have which is not related to this and which I have just made Kevin aware of by PM, but it's nothing major and wasn't to do with the work that Birds do, which I am sure is great.

Me again. Who told you that a Quaife install for your car was 3k? The most expensive version, (for the DCT & Manual 335i cars) is 2,048.98 including VAT and installation here per our website.

I don't mind if people don't recognise us as being particularly cheap, but I wouldn't like all to think we add 1k to our published prices at a whim!