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Electrical issue

My car is a 2010 335i xdrive and I did not have it on for like 2 months so I put a charger to it and it was fine. Then I pluged to charger to it and I do not get a voltage return to the box but when I when to start the car it would show the voltage trying to come back to the box. I was hoping that a ground was disconnected but now it has gotten worse. I don't know of it has to do with the recall.
Has anyone actually had a problem with the recall. My car has been wrecked and while I was charging the batery. I took off te box and let the car run on its own power and it said charging malfunction. I don't know what to do. It did not do this at first only after I put the charger box in the front. Now I'm order to move it. We have to put a battery on the front and back. What do you guys think is it part of the recall?
The car Is in the process of being repaired
Any help would be much appreciated.