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Originally Posted by creepy coupe View Post
That's fine, But it's well documented the Merc doesn't do corners very well. It also has 2.3 ltrs over the M3 and still loses out on just about every back to back I've seen.

My point is really if it had the same power as the BM. How far would it trail?
Lets turn this on it's head then - if every comparison gave no consideration to how a car performed on track, how far ahead would the BMW be then?

Every back to back includes how cars perform on a track and, lets be honest, comparisons always over-index on how a car 'handles'. And in this area, like I said above, the Merc is well and truly beaten.

As a car to use everyday on the road, the Merc IS the better car. In fact, I'd even go as far as saying that it's overall 'handling' on the road is preferable to the BMW's - it's lower limits mean you have more fun, and it's steering feel, a crucial part which you feel the benefit of every single day, is much preferable to the BMW's. Both of which mean that in everyday driving, in the hands of the ordinary Joe, it's simply the better car.
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