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OK, so I snapped some pictures. It does look like the rears wore more on the inside of the tire, which is reasonable given the slightly negative camber in the rear. The Potenzas did the same. I tried to give a nice perspective across the crown of the tire where the wear bars are.

To address the overinflation. To get a dramatic bubbling of the tire you're talkin 40-45 PSI or something stupid. The tires (all my tires) are kept in the 32-35 range. I dont expect that to be the issue. Especially BOTH the rears and neither of the fronts. Overinflation would also be a reasonable explanation for a strange wear pattern but not excessive (this excessive) early wear.

Also, for kicks I did some spitball calculations. Assuming I put snow tires on November 1 and take them off March 31 and I drive 15k miles a year (all very reasonable assumptions) these ExtremeContacts would have seen ~11,250 miles. Thats garbage in anyones book.

Enjoy the pictures and thanks again for the input.
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