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Originally Posted by Palmnuts View Post
As a car to use everyday on the road, the Merc IS the better car. In fact, I'd even go as far as saying that it's overall 'handling' on the road is preferable to the BMW's - it's lower limits mean you have more fun, and it's steering feel, a crucial part which you feel the benefit of every single day, is much preferable to the BMW's. Both of which mean that in everyday driving, in the hands of the ordinary Joe, it's simply the better car.
You really think the C63 has better steering feel than the M3? I'd have to beg to differ, especially on the road. I found the C63 positively vague in comparison to the M3.

I do agree that the ample torque and lower grip limits (along with much more intrusive traction control) make the C63 the safer and/or more usable car for the average Joe, but how many average Joes buy cars like these?
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