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Between the OP's terrible grammar, hard-on for this underpowered childs toy, and fantasy gay-obsession with KOB... I feel like puking every time I see this thread. He's 99.9% of the posters in his OWN thread. Nuff said
You've just missed a little detail... I own and I drive an 1M, so what does that tell about me?!

Anyway, it's not my grammar, not even my obsession or opinion... it's theirs, from Italy to Germany, no F1 journalist is indifferent to Kobayashi. Probably I should have quoted them as 'gay' opinions...

As for the 'underpowered childs toy'... well, I think the following post (not mine mind you) clearly shows that the difference between men and boys is NOT the price of their toys:

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I own the FR-S, its exactly the same car as the BRZ except it costs less and does not have nav or dual climate control as an option. I bought mine for the track, and its a sweet little track monster. I actually clock a faster lap time around my local track in my FR-S and all i have are suspension, brakes, and boltons. Its amazing what a 182 WHP car can do when it only weighs 2450 pounds (my car has light weight reduction). People forget that heavier cars with tons of power are still boats, compensating a fat car with horsepower is like giving an alcoholic cocaine to sober him up. Here are a couple of pics of my car as well as some videos and a review/build thread of the car when i bought it, go through all my build thread and you will see how i progressed and what parts worked for the car and which didnt. My car currently is sitting at the dealer awaiting a new engine since the old one blew up, not the cars fault but the shitty tuner that did work on my car, it went lean and kaboom.

Harris Hill Road Mazda Raceway Lap times in my current and ex cars:

E-92 M3 DCT Stock: 1:29.9
987 Porsche Boxster-S Stock: 1:31.3
Scion FR-S (weight reduction, suspension, brakes, boltons, R comps): 1:27.1
2010 Nissan GT-R (AP Rotors, pads, fluid, 590WHP): 1:26.1
2011 C63 AMG ( NT-05'S, brake mods, 420WHP): 1:29.5
Stock FR-S: 1:35.9

Build thread and review:

Here is my video of me chasing and eventually passing a GT-3 @ Cota!