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Originally Posted by rickyjones1209 View Post
Didn't you go from a c63 back to an m3?
Yep, but this proves very little. I went from a 911 Turbo to a Masershiti

It's as much on how breakfast makes me feel on what car I'll buy that day!

Originally Posted by E92westy View Post
A load of stuff with big quotes
I'm not specifically saying in this thread that I would have a C63 over an M3 again (that would be foolish, given my various historical comments on this subject!) but I'm merely adding some balance to a thread that starts by showing each car on a track....which highlights the C63 at it's worst and an M3 at it's best! In no way does it reflect the reality of owning them in the real world, for the majority of people.

Put them on a drag strip and the tables would be turned, in the real world and it can go either way....with these two cars, you can find a variety of scenario's where one car will appear superior and it's a shame that the C63 tends to get a kicking compared to the M3 because the handling aspect is always over-indexed compared to how important this is in real life, to most people.

Pretty much everything I said there still stands, except possibly the dateness of the interior as this really does apply to both cars now (sorry, realise I am saying this on an e92 forum, but that is the case...and is allowed in the off-topic section ). In fact, the C63's facelift does now make it less dated inside but appreciate it's all subjective.

I also must have been on crack that day to write 'the Merc blows you away at first but you tire of it sooner' as I think the sheer fact I owned the C63's for significantly longer would say otherwise. There was a major element of the C63 that I personally tired of which led to me saying this (vibrating steering column) but I believe the facelift also fixed this.

For the record, which one WOULD I buy again given the choice?

Tough....theres a lot that is better dynamically on the M3 (hence it's superiority on that video) but so much of it simply isn't highlighted enough to be enjoyed everyday on the road....conditions just don't allow for it. Also, with the facelift C63 having the new MCT 'box, a much better interior and I believe the steering 'vibrations' cured (not driven one so can't confirm), it would seem the areas of the C63 which annoyed me have been addressed.

In truth, I would buy one of them, then wish I'd bought the other, then I'd go and actually buy the other, then wish I'd kept the other

As a car with a large 'sense of occasion' for the urban commute, hammering up and down the motorway and doing long 'touring' trips at the weekend (all pretty much reflecting my driving life these days), it has to be the C63.

Originally Posted by verysideways View Post
You really think the C63 has better steering feel than the M3?
Yes, I do. The M3's variable rack simply changes in feel too much as you apply lock and it doesn't provide as much information on what happening.

What you're possible referring to is steering 'precision' and in this respect, the M3 is better - you can place the car more precisely on the road. It just doesn't feel as good.

IMO, in daily driving I probably tend to enjoy the superior 'feel' more often than having that final degree of precision.

And yes, even these cars are largely bought by the average Joe...the overwhelmingly majority of the driving populous wouldn't even reach 'average' status IMO because, for example, sat behind the wheel of an M3, they wouldn't have scooby doo that the M3's steering rack even changes in feel!

Even most car 'enthusiasts' (the type who probably buy such cars, but still a small percentage of owners when you consider how many of these are on the road) could only be deemed average at best in terms of ability. And in this respect, I'm under no illusion....even though I tend to know what I'm looking for (if only because of the variety of cars I've owned) I'd still class myself in this 'average' group.
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