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Sorry I did not get back to this sooner guys. My parts manager saw there were some posts so I am replying.

Originally Posted by FstAzzWhip View Post
I like this finding but I have some questions. I am having a very similar issue I get misfire codes on Cylinder 4 only. I replaced the injector plug and coil on Cylinder 4. The issue still exist with very minimal improvement. I was going to order these coils for all 6 cylinders along with 6 new plugs but... I cannot find a cross reference anywhere that links part# 12131712219 to a vehicle with an N54/N55 motor. Do you happen to know why it is and have you still been ok without any issues up to this point?
I was surprised when I got them. I have a family member who wholesales OEM parts and he cross referenced it for me when he ordered them for me. I had him check it 3 times to verify. I have had no issues what so ever with the car since.