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My gf has an e46 that I work on. Preventative maintenance is easy like the e90 platform. Oil changes, spark plug change, brake jobs are all the same. E46 platform is notorious for head gasket leaks and oil filter housing leaks which I'm currently replacing ATM. If you have the time and tools you can most definitely fix and replace most stuff yourself.
Ah, good deal. Are there some particular tools BMWs call for, I feel like when people say that if you have the tools, they are reffering to some particular/specialized tools required for BMWs and not just a regular old ratchet set.

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It's all good, I'm pretty sure this year is going to be a good one. Are you going to BimmerFest?
Plan on snapping a lot of pics?

e46 or e90, I hope there's deals like this still floating in a few months when I fly out there..

White e90s Main thing for me, whatever color I may end up with, is a tan/cream interior. Had one in my is250 and loved it. Esp. with how hot vegas gets, black leather can't be fun.

I fly home to New orleans for some leave at the end of May, I'm going to take that time out BS some dealerships into letting me test drive an e90 before I fly out since I've only driven an e46 before. After I test drive, I can truly narrow down which I'd want and make some contacts before I get there.

I got another question for you guys, kinda random and not car related at all. Anyone have kids in any kind of daycare? Whether it's military cdc on base or just civilian daycare off base....I'm trying to find out the roundabout avg cost of daycares out there?