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Ok guys, seems its all sorted.
I rang up Event Tyres yesterday and didnt really want to know and said they dont touch the brakes - which I know they dont. But in 12000 miles the first time the brakes ever sqealed was after the new tyres were fitted....
Anyway, bloke said it is probably some dust blown onto the disc when the compressed air tool.

So yesterday and stamped hard on the brakes a few times and the noise seems to have gone.........

But.......... first time I've ever had a set of tyres changed and had this problem - strange.....

But apart from this problem, all in all Event Tyres did a great job......good people to do it if you dont want your alloys knackered

They checked the wheels (which are mint) before with me and I checked them after. Then you sign to say you are happy they didnt damage I suppose if you ware not happy and dont sign, they should sort it.

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