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Originally Posted by joegtir View Post
do love this car
And you should because when we look around what do we see?!

On one hand we have the usual 'heavy pigs'... the Mercedes CLA AMG, the Audi S3/RS3 and last but not the least the future Bmw M2 which will be no different. And you know why?! Because they all will offer +300 hp.

Then, on the other hand we have the Toyobaru and the Alfa Romeo 4C both with less than 1300kg (curb weight), the 4C being much more radical.

So, the fundamental question is who cares about such expensive and 'heavy pig' cars if the whole idea is to have the best driver's car (= best FUN) which less money can buy and live with it on a daily basis or as a second car?!

One has to love the Toyobaru and... I shall add... also the 4C.

What haven't the germans realized yet that both the japaneses and the italians so clearly have seen?!