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Originally Posted by NolaKojo View Post
Ah, good deal. Are there some particular tools BMWs call for, I feel like when people say that if you have the tools, they are reffering to some particular/specialized tools required for BMWs and not just a regular old ratchet set.
Most of the stuff can be done with a good set of Torx bits, Metric ratchet set, Torque wrench, Metric wrench set. Although having all kinds of different tools will help in some occasions.

Also some maintenance require special tools, like as i just found out, the clutch fan on automatic e46s is a size 32mm bold and autoparts stores rent out a clutch fan kit with the smallest wrench size being a 36mm. Its nearly impossible to find a size 32mm wrench with a slim profile. I was able to find a 1 1/4th wrench at Lowes for $35+tax that worked. I wrapped it with tape and a microfiber towel so i can wack it to break the seal on that bolt. After i was done with the job i unwrapped it and returned it looking brand spacking new

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