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Battery Replacement: Dealer lost his mind!

Long story short, I did all the maintenance to my car that is recommended for a vehicle with 80k miles. Only thing really left to do is replace the battery. So I got that recall letter we all been getting and figured let me kill two birds with one stone. Well I won't be throwing stones anytime soon because the dealership (Open Road BMW) quoted me $540 for a battery replacement; at that point my mind quoted me that "they must be smoking crack". No way in hell can I justify paying $500 for a 30min job. Battery is roughly around $180-$200 and the job is nothing more than pulling out old battery, installing new, hooking up programming cable to the ODB2 port and going through a few menus.

So my question is this.........Can I get the battery, install it, and than use the BAV tool to register the battery? Some have stated that the BAV tool does not give any confirmation that the battery is registered. Just need to know if anyone has done this on their own this way? I plan on getting the same exact battery so technically no coding will be needed, just registering.
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