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1) Stop eating sugar filled bread, especially in the evening/dinner hours. Try to significantly reduce glutens as pretty much all humans have a sensitivity to them. That means conventional pastas, many snacks, crackers, etc... Try gluten free alternatives. You'll feel better and your skin will show improvements.

2) Eat more organic vegetables and less meats. If you "must" eat meat, buy organic meats.

3) Portion size. Portion size, portion size.

4) No more beer. If you drink wine, reduce intake, its filled with sugar.

5) Significantly reduce your snacking and when you feel the need to snack, replace with raw veggies and the occasional small "treat" so you don't freak out.

6) Sugar filled soda and other sugary drinks must go or be seriously reduced. If you "must" only drink during morning/afternoon hours and in small amounts.

7) Exercise. Run, cardio, yoga. Something to elevate your heart and make you sweat for 20+ minutes at least 2x per week. Personally I recommend yoga. There's plenty of other benefits aside from weight reduction.
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