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Damn it, he's is over folks
I see how it is! Jerk I'll just show myself out then...

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Nice weather? Where? Sure as hell ainít in Maryland. Iím getting SERIOUSLY angry over the complete dissapearing act spring has put on so far, there is no way we should stil be in the 30s until noon. And so far as I can tell, itís just more of this for the next week at least. We havenít sniffed the 60s so far.
Went to the bay area for a week and spent a few days in South Lake Tahoe to get away for a bit. Doing it at the end of the quarter wasn't a good idea since I ended up working until noon most days anyway. Rented a 458 for 2 days and drove down to LA via PCH, which the girlfriend wanted to do, but that was fun. Weather was a hell of a lot better than we have had in the Midwest. I got back here just in time for a damn snowstorm to come through
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I can never have cross dressing fun nothing ever fits!