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13. Transmission Fluid
After mechatronic installation the transmission must be refilled with transmission fluid. With vehicle on level
ground, transmission in park and engine not running add transmission fluid through the filler plug until
transmission fluid overflows. Install the filler plug and start the engine. With engine running remove the filler
plug and add transmission fluid until it overflows through the filler hole. Install the filler plug. With foot firmly
on the brake pedal shift PNRD
several times, pausing in each position for a few seconds. Place shifter
back into the park position. Remove the filler plug and wait until the transmission has reached 40 C, a
small stream of transmission fluid should overflow from the filler plug. If no fluid is visible then correct fluid
level as needed, using ZF Lifeguardfluid6 or OEM approved fluid. Install filler plug and torque to 35NM.

14. Test drive
It is recommended to clear the fault memories before driving. Should a fail safe condition occur a clean
record of events will be available for trouble shooting.

15. Final check
test drive allow the transmission fluid to cool to 40 C recheck transmission fluid with vehicle level,
transmission in park and engine running at idle speed. Correct fluid level as needed, using ZF
Lifeguardfluid6 or OEM approved fluid.
for leaks in the mechatronic sleeve and oil pan area.
im gonna add this to the front page. to clear up confusion!