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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Hey Kevin, i don't suppose this would be a good time to ask for a forum discount on a 335D Quaife installation?
Welded drives are complicated and time consuming. It's not like we have the opportunity to "stack high, sell cheap", since each job is an individual process, rather than an order for 50 units from a supplier who can deal with it on a production line basis. The only straightforward way of making these jobs cheaper is to carry out the work on the customers own final drive, rather than providing a complete final drive in exchange. That reduces the cost by around 140+vat, but takes the car off the road for 5 days.

Having said that, I acknowledge the request, and will see if we can do something for the forum. We aren't sponsors, so this would have to be proposed or managed by one of you guys. I will pm you if I can work out something sensible.

Regards, Kevin.