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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
I guess that adds another expense....

All I wanna do is have money ready for May to get fab work done and have everything installed, but nooooo the car has to have something wrong every other month

And I don't know what's up with the family mechanic, his phone has been off for 4 days straight....hopefully he didn't die or something; probably goes through about 3 packs of cigs a day. Course when I have the money to get the DPs put on THAT gets shut down as well...FFS, no luck these days
I hear you Re: plans getting ruined by stuff breaking, itís very frustrating. I really want some new wheels and a stud conversion, but I have a bad feeling that my car is about to do something obnoxious. No particular reason why, but it hasnít had any issues in a few months, so I feel like Iím due for something failing.

And if you canít get a hold of your mech, just hit up Adam on the forums. His pricing is very reasonable, and start to finish heíll take about 90 minutes assuming the pipes fit well, heís extremely good on these motors. And heís just a good dude, I learned a lot in the few times Iíve had my car at his place. As an added bonus, the roads in his neck of the woods are sweet, a nice change of pace from the urban bullshit I deal with on my daily drive from Bethesda to DC and back.
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