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Wow. Like I said, i certainly understand the appeal I'm just a Porsche whore at heart, the first clear memory I have of a car involved holding tools for my grandfather when he'd work on his 911s.

Lol those damn GT-Rs spoil people, so much performance and competence for the money. IMO for 'refinement' it's the Germans who do it best. Italian cars will always shoot for flare and drama over refinement. While Hanz is studying the acoustic properties of a door chime in Germany, Francisco is likely figuring out how to add more flare to a fender. Different priorities I bet the 458 absolutely screams up top though..
Well, having sunk way too many thousands into my GT-R I may be a little biased too. I agree, the Germans really know what they are doing in refinement, and they obsess over it, as you said.

The sound of that car was something one must experience first hand, it's just not easy to put in to words. I really did love the car, I just don't know that I would consider one as heavily as I might have before. Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway was fantastic, however, and I would have been able to enjoy that in almost any car.

Getting the chance to meet up with a few old friends from college was nice too. I should have just planned the trip better and not gone at the end of the quarter.
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