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I just started to eat very lean protien (no sugar or fatty sauces, etc.) and researched what the weight of my cooked food translated into in terms of calories (when info on packages was not available) and kept it at about 1000 a day. Some days I added a fist size of veggies to one meal (mainly lunch). Also lots of water and VW Zero. The funny thing is, after about 1.5 weeks of just protien meals I started to last longer (not as hungry) between meals, so sometimes I had to make myself eat. I researched a lot about how many calories your body needs to live each day (based on activity levels and body type) and to never go below 500 calories a day to avoid your body going into starvation mode. Again, it worked for me so just do what works for you...and I actually enjoy food more now because I focus on what I put in my body and really really look forward to cheat days, but sometimes I save a cheat day when I know holidays/events are coming up....its about balance after you reach your goal. Also, don't forget to check your body fat %...that to me is just as important....some people appear to be skinny...but they are skinny fat (high fat % but low muscle and water weight). A little weight training, lean protien and good fats (omega 3, etc) intake will help with that.