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Originally Posted by jaykayelemenohpee View Post
The DIY doesn't look too bad. I'm just in AZ for grad school, living in an apartment, and dont even have a jack out here. I've got basic sockets and whatnot but I'd still have to buy a jack or ramps and wrenches, etc.

Beers, pizza, and install day? lol
Originally Posted by yamaharecker View Post
I can help you witt the install. I live off campus at a house if you need a place to work, but you need to bring the tools and jack and stuff cause I dont have my stuff down here. I have a white 335 with CA plates around school.
I'm in Chandler, have a house with a garage, ramps, a jack, jackstands, a bunch of tools, and am willing to help as long as you sons o' b's are willing to help me when I do my install later. Recently did walnut blasting on mine and doing it with a bud on his car this Sat. Shoot me a PM if interested.