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Ok I'm a lakers fan, but also a fan of sports, and for whatever you say about Lebron, he is still one of the best and most athletic players in the league. An everyone only compare rings, I mean the man is a walking triple double, on top of that I see people have already commented on Kobe needing shaq, but people don't realize that like the bulls, and Boston, the lakers are one of the most elite teams in the league and they always have a decent set of players to work with. Also Lebron put up leading numbers in most of the important columns( points, reb, assist, etc) for like every year hes been in the league and I'm sorry but when you put up 25-45 point a game 8-12 assist and 15 reb and etc and your team still loses, he gets blamed but no one says that about Kobe when he does it in a game and they lose. well now it's Kobe doesn't have help, the lakers coaching staff is to blame can't really blame him, you have to blame the team, Cleveland was never really "good" and the only reason people really talk about them is because of Lebron. Any team that is good has always had 3 core players, bulls Jordan, pippen, rodman, celtics- kg, rondo, Allen,..lakers- Kobe, shaq, fisher, etc, the same can be said for the heat, okc, and a few others, all in all I say respect the sport, and don't hate because I can be sure that Kobe in his prime or Jordan in his prime would have their hands full with Lebron, he's bigger faster, stronger, just as aggressive, good ball handling skills, and just an overall beast. I guess I'm done, sorry about length, I'm bored at work:-/