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Originally Posted by MountainStone View Post
This just happened to me. Got the battery recall done last week. Three days ago i got the warning for 'increased battery discharge.' Took it back to the dealer because I assumed this was no coincidence. The dealer called back to say the car needs a new battery, but they gave me a new one for free because I'd bought the car only a month ago. Dunno whether it was truly a coincidence or if the 'better' electrical connection exposed a weakness, or caused one.
Yeah I texted the technician over at BMW of Davenport right after i got the warning, hes a cool guy i know him, and he told me that I probably need a new battery or it needs to be charged, but I think it's BS because my car was fine before that damn replacement. I don't think it's fair that I would have to pay for a new battery if it was fine before hand.