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Originally Posted by kaigoss69
Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post

You get that airplay system working ok???...thats what I really want to do also...but dont think the amp I am getting has optical inputs(ARC 75 X 4 amp).

I have the premium Spotify service and would prefer to use that as my source.
Not yet. When it works it sounds amazing...

iPhone 4S has AirPlay issues, but the AE may also be to blame since I cannot get 100% skip-free playback with other Apple devices such as iPad, iPod and Macbook.

I may have to bite the bullet and get an ATV since they supposedly have less issues, or I may even try a first gen AE.
4s uses only the 2.4ghz portion of 802.11n. That is your problem. Every BT device and most wifi stations are blasting you @ 2.4Ghz and a moving airport express just cant keep up with its surrounding environment. (Cant switch channels often/seamlessly)