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Some of you know what you are talking about and have done your research, but those of you driving around with radar detectors you bought, even a few years ago are quite unprotected.

POP radar ... if you had a state of the art radar detector from +3 years ago, you will see the strobes before your detector makes a peep. Most departments have these now.
My top of the line Escort from 10 years ago is about useless, since most departments in my area have POP. All it seems to signal in advance now are automated doors and construction speed signs.

Best defense is using a social network app in combination with your radar unit. Escort live is good, but there are many more notifications of hazards, speed traps and roving patrols with Waze. The larger the social network application you are using, the more accurate, relevant and timely the information is going to be.

Waze works better for where I live b/c the app is free and there are thousands of people actively using it every day, all day.

Ultimate protection would be a hardwired system linked to social network. That's about $1500 to $2K when it is all said and done.

YOU NEED TO CHECK THE SPECS OF YOUR DETECTOR AND READ REVIEWS TO SEE IF IT WILL HAVE ANY RANGE FOR POP RADAR. Not many detectors on the market are capable of picking up POP, and they are all top of the line. If your radar detector does not alert until you are within a couple of hundred yards from the source … you radar detector is not capable of alerting to POP.
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