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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Levi is a hopeless Toyota leg humper. They made a handful of N'Ring LFA's and a Viper for a quarter of the price still out lapped it. Nevermind the number of cars for half the price that were quicker in a straight line or had more top end. The F40 and F1 dominated their contemporaries. The LFA did not.

Big if, but if Toyota had given it a proper transmission and updated the interior before releasing it, or just produced it five years earlier, it might have been as impressive as some feel.
If you want to compare a full blown track car to a exotic luxury sport car wouldn't a Paganda Zonda, Enzo, and many other exotic car look more like a joke? You pay 700k to over 1 million dollar for a car that can't even beat a 150k Viper ACR? At least the LF-A is just 2 seconds slower than the Viper, while the Enzo and Paganda is over 13 seconds slower. If the LF-A went on a diet and make the interior similar to a Viper, I have no doubt in my mind it could of beat the Viper's time.