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Originally Posted by Snow King View Post
So I just purchased a 2007 335i Convertible that is fully loaded with all electronic gizmos including the idrive. I have about 35k miles, but only 8 months left on the original manufactures warranty.

Before you respond with "try using search" or a similar comment I have done my research and need some feedback on specific questions which I have not seen the answer to yet.

I have already decided to purchase an extended warranty so comments regarding if I should get one or if it's worth it are irrelevant. I live in California and with the extended warranty laws and limited choices I have narrowed my selection down to 3. I just need help deciding which one to get! Also, don't confuse extended warranty with the extended maintenance plan, I have seen that way too often.

So I'm looking at the top-tier plans with exclusionary policies, here is the lineup:

1. BMW "Platinum" 7/100k, $50 deductible, $4150 MSRP (might be able to negotiate for somewhere in $3500-$4000)
2. Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) "PremiumCare" 7/100k, $100 deductible, $2500
3. Warranty Direct "ElitePlus" 7/100k, $200 deductible, $1500, $200 deductible (~$2400 for $100 deductible)

The most important thing for me is easy claims processing. If I have an issue I want it to be addressed in a timely manner without hassles. What has your RECENT experiences been with any of the 3 above? I know the least about Ford ESP, your experience with that warranty getting work done at BMW Dealership would be greatly appreciated. I have heard some good, some bad experience stories from Warranty Direct however their BBB rating is A+ (as is Ford ESP).

I think we will all agree that if $$ is not a factor to go with the BMW Platinum. However given it's high markup, is it worth going either of the other two for similar coverage?

If the coverage/price is similar for Ford ESP vs WD, does it make logical sense to go with Ford ESP given that it's backed by Ford? Somehow I feel better that I can just drive up to a B&M location if I need to speak to someone face to face...

If anyone works at a BMW dealership, your feedback on these 3 warranties regarding claims processing would be most beneficial.


So what warranty did you end up going with? Have you had any claims? I'm looking at purchasing a 335 convertible and would love to know. Thanks!