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Brake squeak/squeal - Recommendations

Originally Posted by swickings View Post
Ill have to keep this in mind for when i change my brakes. The brake dust and squeak is killing me.
Not sure what tools you have but if you have a $20 floor jack (cheaper if you get one from Harbor Freight) and a $20 ratchet set from Sears (cheaper at Harbor Freight w coupons in paper or online, always available). Also, you need a 4" C-Clamp to push the brake piston back, $10 or less.

However, if you have some very basic tools, this is the Easiest job to do yourself. I can't believe I ever paid someone to replace my brake pads (& lie to me telling me I needed to replace my caliper...)

You can help the squeak by taking the wheel off, take the two bolts that hold the caliper on pull the brake pads off, wipe "stop squeak" from the auto parts store or just use a thin layer of regular axle grease on the back of the rotors where the caliper pistons push against the brake pads. This will help the squeak. Dealing with the brake dust is easy until you wear through that set of pads and put on some ceramics.

Find someone on the site that needs to change their brakes and this goes much quicker with a partner. If anyone is north of Chicago or in Wisconsin, I'm always working on my 2006 330i sedan. I just put on a front and back set of the Callahan Auto Slotted and Drilled Rotors and ceramic pads on Ebay. I heard some good things about them and for $338 shipped to my house I had to check them out. I'm very impressed, service from the company was great and shipped from Northern Chicago, I had them the next day or 2 days at most. This kit came with Rotors (that haven't rusted, sitting for 2 weeks while working on car), ceramic pads, & wear sensors. I wish it came with the hold down bolts, just had to buy from Stealership for $3 each, and wish it had the break anti-squeal in the kit. These all come with the full break kits from Bav-Auto for $650 + with shipping.