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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
Hi all. Looks like ill be in the same boat in a few months when my warranty comes to a close. I was at my dealership and they printed up a quote for me.....

2009 335 xdrive coupe
Cold weather
6-speed manual

60M/100k power train: $2100
60M/100k gold : $3000
60M/100k platinum: $3340
72M/100k power train: $2440
72M/100k gold:$3560
72M/100k platinum: $3980
84M/70k power train: $2500
84M/70k gold: $3660
84M/70k platinum: $4100
84M/100k power train: $2720
84M/100k gold: $4040
84M/100k platinum: $4530

So far in the 4 years of ownership, I'm just under 29k. I'm looking to need the car for at least 2 years. I'm thinking of going with the 84M/70k given my driving time. But I can't decide if the platinum is a good buy or not. As I said I have idrive but I'm really not as concerned about my navigation going bad as I am about something mechanical.

Firstly, are these prices above fair? Has anyone seen better prices for a comparable car?

Secondly, should I just save the $500 bucks and go for gold or spend it and go for platinum?
These are great prices compared to what I'm getting quoted (about $1,000 more). What dealership is it?

Btw...platinum is the only way to go.