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Thanks guys, didn't see the DIY section. There's a lot of good stuff in there! Now I want to do half the things on that list!

But I don't have a car jack (or the lame E90 adaptor thing) or torque wrench, and it seems like it might cost me only a bit more to have the dealer do it than to purchase those things and do it myself. Then again, if I buy a jack and torque wrench, they're mine forever! Hmmm...I still have some time to think about it--my current E90 is "awaiting transport". Can't wait 'til it gets here!

Anyone try the sticker removal on the visors recently? I hate those ugly things, but I don't want to see ANY residual after I take them off. I'd rather have the ugly sticker than the uglier residual, even if faint (yes, I'm that anal). Anyone here able to take them off comepletely?