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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
Shiv didn't make this thread. .
not sure where I said it was, if you can point it out that would be great. But the last 2 before this on most certainly were.

I will leave you guys with this, as a twist of fate us, FFTEC, and Shiv are all in the bay area. The offer for the dyno day BBQ is 100% out there for Shiv to accept, I will modify a LP line to facilitate draining off fuel and filling up with 91 as Shiv first requested before that thread got deleted. If he wants to run other fuels we can do that too. THIS ENTIRE post was created about the dyno shootout. So lets do this as soon as we finished tuning we are ready. So Shiv go ahead and pick a day, shoot we can even do it at FFTEC, I don't care, I do not need a "3rd party dyno" as you suggested. That's what people need when they are afraid someone might cheat. So go ahead and except the offer in public or continue to dance around it and shove engine theory down people throats and try to confuse them. All anyone who is buying your kit or mine cares about in the end is, power levels, reliability, streetability, and for some time slips, engine theory is reserved for people like you me and select few others. Hopefully we can have a nice friendly Bay Area BBQ and put some cars on a Dyno, if not I understand. Cheers guys, you can write anything else you want. I'll go back to real life for a few days like I did since thursday and not look at any forum. Go be with your families on the holiday.