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Originally Posted by Itsed65 View Post
Well unless you get a 500 or 600 (north of 10K as I am sure you are aware) , there is nothing you can do about the reach. I struggle with that all the time. One thing with my 7D though, and I don't know what you are using for metering, but with BIF I always switch to spot, as all that sky tends to make the meter want to underexpose the bird. Some people also use manual with auto ISO enabled, for example, f6.3 shutter 1/1000 and auto iso. I have done that with my 1D and been pretty successful , but I haven't tried it with my 7D.

Also, if you get the Nik plugins that are on sale, Nik Dfine does a GREAT job taking care of 7D noise.

At least you have Eagle to see! They don't get out this way very much, although they seem to be making a slow comeback.
I'm really trying to figure out a way to get my hands on a 500mm f4 IS. The version II's are over 10k, but the version I's are closer to 7k, I think. Still a big, big bite out of the wallet. And the size difference is significant (read: Can't be hidden).

I saw where this guy went to fish. Same place he went last time. Only way there is a boat, I think. Probably the only way I'll get close enough to grab a shot of him fishing. I had to laugh at the two fishermen who were there with their families. They fished all day and caught nothing. Then this eagle cruises out and grabs a fish like it was a supermarket.

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