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Has anyone installed these. Look great!

Bilstein's Ridecontrol system is a fully height-adjustable coil-over kit with electronically adjustable shocks that can go from "normal" to "sport" mode instantly with the push of a button. A small computer changes the dampening characteristics of each shock on the fly. If you're driving down the road in normal mode, the ride comfort will be very close to the stock set-up, but the car will feel much tighter and handle the corners far better than with the stock suspension. If you come upon a series of twists and turns that get your heart racing, just push the aluminum button and in milliseconds you are in sport mode. Your Bimmer will feel as if it is riding on rails! And it won't pitch forward or back under acceleration or hard braking. Push the button again and, just as quickly, you are back in normal mode so you can cruise over bumps and potholes without jarring your fillings loose. The ridecontrol suspension system will give your BMW a lower, more aggressive stance, eliminating those annoying gaps between the tires and the fenders. And since it is height-adjustable front and rear, you can dial in how much lower you want your BMW to sit. As for installation, it is basically the same as other height-adjustable coil-over kits, plus some wiring: You have to run a cable from each shock to the ridecontrol ECU inside the cockpit, connect the ECU to power/ground/switched power, and find a place to mount the aluminum on/off button.

Part Number Description Price Qty.
GA5 D154 Bilstein B16 Ridecontrol® Electronically Adjustable Coil-Over Kit

Was interested just wanted to know if anyone has tried it yet.