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Ok guys here we go, just my 2 cents since I have dealt with the American inspections side of the house with my civic that was modified. Americans now fall under German law in regards to modifications on their cars. Technically you must have TUV approval to modify your car, or you can be fined if pulled over. Any modified spoilers, ie your front spoiler need to have the paperwork to back it up, same with oversized wheels, etc. This also applies to window tint now. This is why we can not tint our driver and passenger side windows. I was more than pissed when I went and got my Honda inspected and had to remove the tint. I was also pissed when they told me I needed to remove my bodykit. He also noted that the modified exhaust was too loud. Needless to say I caused a rucus and enough to where he passed my car with the bodykit but not the tint. He also noted it on the inspection sheet that it was illegal therefore covering his butt. Armybimmerdude, I know the standards at each inspection, I especially know they are lacking at Bamberg and Schweinfurt since I reside in these areas, (I'm the one who came to look at your M6 Reps). Just be careful on the mods. This is one of the whole reasons I'm waiting on my mods until I get back to the states in Feb. Going to CA so I know it won't be a problem. Oh, and just in case you're wondering. It does not matter if you have the HK, AD or the new German plates.