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Originally Posted by iRonM3n View Post
i have my own collections too....sneakers and watches
these are my " Big 3" ..Breitling Super Ocean..Corum Admiral Cup 44 ..& Rolex OP Date with customized diamond i could not afford to keep my collections if everything is top of the line..but i try to match my sneakers and my watches
Iron, your Nike collection rivals my own. I am more of a runner fan myself (air maxes especially) but I have a special place in my heart for early Jordans. I think I am at well over 40 pairs at this point in time.

At anyrate, my watch collection currently:
1980 Rolex OysterQuartz DateJust (grad school present from my father, it was his watch before, bought it the year I was born)
2008 Rolex Explorer II White Dial
2009 Tag Heuer Formula 1
2011 IWC Mark XVI (have a picture somewhere on another thread)
2013 Tudor Heritage Black Bay -> absolutely love this watch, and I'm glad Tudor is coming back to the US.

I think from here on out I would like a ceramic GMT master, and maybe a Patek to round out the collection. And maybe an old school sub. And maybe a Daytona...

Will try and remember to add pictures when I get home from work later this morning.
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