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Originally Posted by nmehta211 View Post
Omega sea master
Jaeger le coultre master geographic
Now shopping for a Rolex millgaus
I'm looking for a Milgauss (GV of course) myself.

Originally Posted by sexy_ninja_goat View Post
Here is my $.02

Don't buy a watch because it cost's a lot. Buy something you like. Decide what it is about a watch that is important to you.

For example, I have a Speedmaster Pro because I love the whole moon-watch heritage. I have a JLC Master Calendar because for the money, you will not find a more classic watch with extensive lineage and in house movements. I have rolex's because I can beat the hell out of them and they never skip a tick. I buy watches that fit a niche in my life while at the same time fulfill the root qualities that I admire in a good watch.

For me I am willing to pay $$ for a company with heritage and lineage and a history for pride in quality and class. I prefer watch makers that have "in house movements", meaning they design, test, manufacture, and assemble the "guts" of the watch themselves (which believe it or not can cost millions and is more and more rare these days with watch brands). You'd be surprised how many $10,000.00+ watches have ETA/Valijoux (off the shelf) movements in them, in which case you are strictly paying for the right to wear the name. (The Louis Erard uses a Valijoux).

I too like the idea of being able to buy a quality watch, make a couple of decades worth of memories with it, and then be able to hand it down to my children. For me, that sort of idea very much lends itself to the romantics of owning and wearing a quality watch.

In my opinion, if you don't want to break the bank, and want something with impeccable lineage that your son will be proud (and extremely lucky) to wear, you can find few better, dollar for dollar, than a JLC Master Control, (can be found new around $5200.00 or pre-owned for a bit less). If you are absolutely constrained to the $3000.00 range, I would look at Chronoswiss. Strong lineage, in house movements, great looking watches, and in your price range. I would be proud to wear a Chronoswiss on my wrist.

Again, just figure out what it is that attracts you to watches, and what's important to you. You can't go wrong if you buy what YOU like!
Brilliant bit of advice. Especially on the ETA and the Panerais etc that have them and people don't even care that they got a Swatch movement inside... Which is fine, but shouldn't cost that much!

For this reason for my diving needs I bought the SKX007 and use it on a rubber band (also have an oyster with solid end links) - for diving Id be hesitating with the Sub! In fact the SKX007 is what I see most on any dive boats. So to add to your Chronoswiss bit of advice, I'd go further and say - you wanna have an inhouse movement but don't want to break the bank? Get the Seiko. Doesn't have to be the Grand Seiko Spring Drive which is one of the best watches for the price, but see their automatic diver's range - Tuna, Sumo or SKX007/9 or even Monster if you like a bigger wearing watch. They have a very reliable movement that you don't have to pay 500-900 USD per few years to service either.

I think the Rolex SUbmariner (no date!) is the best classic diver watch, and Milgauss is for personal taste and what went into it - I just admire it a lot for that (the green crystal version I prefer).

A good watch will usually be hard to find for under 10k USD which ticks all the right boxes. But it will be well worth it.

I think the Rolex in many ways as Forbes once wrote, is the watch you have to get to in the end and wearing it on a Nato or whatever without a care is the way to go. You go through "omg, it's got the cyclops it's awesome" phase to "it's the lazy lazy company overcharging for old design" to "god damn, this is such a workhorse I now get it why this is a good watch".

For what it's worth, my to-buy list has: Milgauss GV (soon), Submariner (black face/bezel), GMT with Pepsi bezel. Then I'll consider adding a Zenith as a dress watch and Tag Monaco as a fashion watch (blue leather and face). Also like the Seamaster Omega which could be another nice dive watch to own (and much cheaper to service than Rolex). Oh, and gotta get me a Gshock while I remember for all those hiking trips etc. That's the true "military" watch actually.
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