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Aftermarket Satellite Navigation Mounting (Garmin c320)

My wife gave me an aftermarket GPS unit (Garmin c320) for Christmas, and I'm having some difficulty finding a good way of mounting it. The unit came with a windshield mount, but California law prohibits its use. For Calfornia users, Garmin provided an adhesive disc which can be permanently attached to the dashboard onto which the unit, along with the windshield mount, can be mounted. However, I don't want a "permanent" disc attached to my new bimmer.

The way I mount this thing currently is to attach the unit to the top of a cup and then put the whole assembly into the driver's front cupholder (actually, it's more of a passenger's as you e90 drivers are aware of). It's a temporary solution at best and rather ugly. Anyone else has this problem and has figured out some clever solutions?