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Help with this repair

Hi, I also have this issue - Fried DME 2 weeks ago, same codes/symptoms on manual '07 335i, 04/07 build. Didn't know what happened at the time. Dealer wants to replace 6 injectors, 6 CP's and plugs, and then new DME. looking at $4k repair bill CP's, Plugs, Injectors & coding, which i can replace myself.

I'd like to perform this transistor replacement, I am fairly confident in my skills, and have reasearched several posts about it. I've already ordered 7 transistors, both direct replacement version, and 7 upgraded ones like those shown above. Does anyone have specific directions around how to test a transistor, and how to desodder/sodder the new one? This would a great help to the community here.

1.How to test the 6 transistors via continuity loop - e.g. where to stick the probes?? (i tried this on an old sound card and i only got beeps when placing the probes in 1 setting - back of transistor, and left leg) - i've looked some videos, and it seems like each transistor is tested 3 ways and in a certain sequence - is this what how others have tested them?

2. What type of sodering tool and/or wire/coil was used (e.g. low heat?). some more detail around what was used would be great.

3. Where can i find directions on how to remove the DME? (dumb question??)