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Originally Posted by Suntzu View Post
Great. I hope my local dealer can dig up the bump stop numbers. Im ony looking at about $580 plus delivery to austalia vs $865 for Pro kit fsd option. What a bargain! I'm not convinced the fsd's will go the distance on a lowered set up.

Some people are saying bilsteins have integrated bumpstops on the front, yet i see you and others are using them. Confusing. Im just going to get them.

I've only had this 330i for two weeks and cant believe the low cost and high quality aftermarket options - its fantastic!

Is there any other suspension components worth refreshing given my cars 8 years old. Top mounts? Not up to speed on this.

Also i was thinking poly bushes for sway bars to beef them up at same time? Opinion?

Thanks heaps
Yes, SOME front Bilsteins have integral bumpers mate.
I had the Hartge dampers in all corners for a while, they are revalved Bilstein (B6?).
You could never fit oem bumpers to them as the shafts are too thick.
However, like others had found they developed a terminal knock inside so I scrapped them (they were used already)
The B4S are very short travel and you MUST have shortened coils - like the ZSP or the Eibach Pro Kit or you wont ever get them on board

I will add that I did the same mods you are contemplating and I had the 335i SE.
So, sports suspension to begin with. My bump stops looked shorter than Pauls in the photos above.