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I really lucked out in that a member here accidentally bought the non-turbo pump for his turbo car and sold me the brand new pump for $250 (including shipping!). I bought the t-stat brand new for $85 shipped. Coolant was $24 after tax, bought at a local indie shop here in the East Bay.

I think the value of my original comment was that you can pay someone ~$300 to do all this work. The rest was just bragging that I got such a good deal

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I'm not trying to discount what you said, but can you let others know where you got the parts for so cheap? Even Tischer/ECS charge $375-400 for JUST the waterpump let alone the t-stat ($90-100) and coolant ($20ish). Thanks.

Paying someone else to do it for you is a great idea too, esp if they'll take $300.