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Roof Paint Chip

I read some posts about paint chips on the hoods but what about the roof? I unfortunately had some debris kick up off the highway by the car way in front of me and land right between my windshield and sunroof. I had the sunroof angled too so after the object dug into the paint it ricocheted right into the glass making a nice impact mark. I know its hard to avoid these types of things but it's frustrating for me right now since I haven't had the car for that long.

I figured that there isn't really anything to do for the impact mark on the sunroof glass but the chip on the paint I may want to fill. I can see down past the jet black paint into the grainy gray base coat.

What do you think? Let it go, DIY, or pay for a specialist to do it? My main concern is having the chip continue to chip over time. Also, I'm not sure if rain would make it rust over time if it goes left unattended. It's small but large enough to me make me think about it every time I get into my car.

This is the first time I am posting pics on this forum so I apologize if they are too large or the wrong format. They are cellphone pics but they get the size/idea across. In the panned out pic I am shining a flashlight between the two marks.
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