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Hello everybody,

I'm retrofitting USB and Bluetooth in my E82.
I installed the Pro Radio and the USB Cable (Micro not received yet)

I 'm trying to code options, but it doesn't work, BT and USB are still not activated (USB was already on the menu when I installed the radio, but doesn't work, no power from USB)

Here is what I tried :

NCSExpert (Expert Mode)

I added : $6NN (Bluetooth) / $6FL (USB) / $663 (Radio professional) / $854 (French)
I changed the date by #0911 instead of #0308 (is that correct ?)

Then, I writed these options in the CAS and NFRM module
And I resetted KOMBI and 2RAD module.

I waited 2x1h, then tried again to reset the 2RAD module, even with Tools 32...
And before this coding, my radio was Italian (in the hidden menu), now language is French...

The next day
I tried another thing :

I removed $6NN and $6FL from CAS and NFRM
- Then I resetted the 2RAD module with NCS and Tools32 (to be sure)
- And I disconnected the Battery

USB was still in the Radio (Bluetooth still not available/activated)
I waited for 1h, to let the car go in sleep mode
It shouldn't be, right ?

And just before I tried this,
I do a READ of the 2RAD Module, I did have an error with NCSExpert,
But in the WORK Folder, I got the trc file with all the 2RAD settings,
I read it, and I saw USB was on "aktiv"

Later this day, I tried to change settings in the 2RAD module
(after having added $6FL / $6NN in CAS and NFRM again) :

- I set 2RAD_USB / 2RAD_Bluetooth to "aktiv", and other values related to bluetooth/usb
I get an error when executing the job, but when READing it again, values changed
And same result... nothing happen

I don't know what to think.
Maybe I'm missing something.
For info : I had a business radio before

Here is what my Radio is showing :
(with French language, instead of Italian I had at first.)